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Sereyvuth Kem

Family Photo Album
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Family Photo Album
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Please enjoy these photos of my family!


My Family

This is my wife, Sophea, and my children, Sathya (oldest son), Malin (younger daughter), and Sokhak (youngest son). Notice my Mango tree in the background.


My Rice Paddy

This is my cow cart and rice paddy during summer, the dry season. It is near the base of Elephant Mountain. My friend, Mariam took this picture when she spent a few days visiting my family.


My Friend, Mariam on my Cow Cart

From my house down to the mountain takes less than one hour. I took this picture on the way to Elephant Mountain (the longest mountain in my province). We stopped for some fresh palm juice.


My Wife and Daughter on the Set of City of Ghosts

The house that my character, Mr. Sok, lives in is located in the Wat Chen Dom Dek. It is near the Japanese Friendship Bridge. My real family was in the last scene of the film.