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Sereyvuth Kem

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My Resume

Kem Sereyvuth

Village Address:
Group 05, Trapang Chhuk Hamlet,
Trapang Thom khang Tbong Commune,
Tramkak District, Takeo Province

E-Mail Address (click here)

Cell Phone:
(855) 12 978 049

Personal Data:

Sex:                 Male
Date of Birth:    May 19, 1966
Place of Birth:  Sangat III, Phnom Penh
Nationality:       Khmer
Marital Status: Married

Education & Experience:

1989-1992  Military Service fighting the Khmer Rouge
1992-1993  UNTAC Personnel (Electorial Assistant)
1993-2000  English Language Education, self-employed Moto-taxi Driver
2000-2001  Actor, Mr. Sok, City of Ghosts
2003           US promotion of film, City of Ghosts
2004-2005  Mechanics School (Diesel and Gasoline Engines)
2005           Actor, Guest Vendor, Holly